Various coastal birds

On discovering the presence of men, the newly arrived birds fly into a fit of alarm and outrage, for mankind has long been their enemy. A skirmish follows, during which the Athenians defend themselves with kitchen utensils they find outside the Hoopoe's bower, until the Hoopoe at last manages to persuade the Chorus to give his human guests a fair hearing. The cleverer of the two Athenians, the author of the brilliant idea, then delivers a formal speech, advising the birds that they were the original gods and urging them to regain their lost powers and privileges from the johnny-come-lately Olympians. The birds are completely won over and urge the Athenians to lead them in their war against the usurping gods. The clever one then introduces himself as Pisthetaerus (Trustyfriend) and his companion is introduced as Euelpides (Goodhope). They retire to the Hoopoe's bower to chew on a magical root that will transform them into birds. Meanwhile, the Nightingale emerges from her hiding place and reveals herself as an enchantingly feminine figure. She presides over the Chorus of birds while they address the audience in a conventional parabasis :

The inn's accommodations are ideally located close to the Rising Tide Theatre, artist studios, the Skerwink Trail and Hike Discovery Trails Network, historic sites, whale watching tours and can serve as a base for day trips to New Bonaventure, Puffin Island in Elliston, Port Union and Bonavista.

Both are native Floridians and avid waterlovers with a back ground in swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, SUP surfing, canoeing kayaking, windsurfing, sailing and fishing. They have a strong connection with the water and absolutely love to paddle-surf! ...

Various Coastal BirdsVarious Coastal BirdsVarious Coastal BirdsVarious Coastal Birds