Colder thy kiss - into the mouth of god

Often described as the most flamboyant and notorious of the major Romantics, Byron was both celebrated and castigated in his life for his aristocratic excesses, including huge debts, numerous love affairs with both men and women, as well as rumors of a scandalous liaison with his half-sister. [4] His only legitimate child, Ada Lovelace , is regarded as the first computer programmer based on her notes for Charles Babbage 's Analytical Engine . [5] [6] [7] Byron's illegitimate children include Allegra Byron , who died in childhood, and possibly Elizabeth Medora Leigh .

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Born with great prepossession in spite of the handicap of a lame foot, Byron's contributions to Famous love poetry and the English Romantic Poetry genre has made his name a metaphor for romantic appearance and temperament. His best works from 'Childe Harold's Pilgrimage' (1812), (which won him instant fame), to 'The Vision of Judgement' (1822) exhibited drama, romance and moving lyricism. He was also a most gifted satirist who displayed the ability for swift narration and vivid description.

Colder Thy Kiss - Into The Mouth Of God